Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Hero.......the test.........

In the lesson there are a few acts with subcategories that are used to build the story or theme for the character or hero of the film. they are first to discover there powers or self, they then will be tested through endless infinite loopholes to see if they can with stand the situations. People will ask them for advice, they will be judges and live life under a microscope as society needs the urning to know how far they can be pushed, and the hero must never break so the are unbreakable like superman, but they will reach the point where they think and feel they cannot go any further, they will recall a moment in life and all the sudden recover and have stupendous strength, they will conquer because we all know they are unbeatable always teaching lessons, letting you know how it is done. Everyone will be happy the hero will return to there home and have the ending summed up. Typical cereal box program, good guy gets beaten down by the bad and has to win under less than favorable circumstances, along the way the true masters will test them and use every little thing as a battle to test the hero, even a cheerio will decide the outcome at this point. The hero must prevail and prove the system still has full control and he must bow to show the children that he is good, the society will have there glory and everyone will be happy. This series of actions will repeat in what a person calls "cycles" as in over and over, in the end who wins? The hero will withstand the test.

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