Saturday, March 30, 2013

AntiArtCo  Music & Fun Film

A few videos new on YouTube of a few projects over the last few years, some are current from CA, San Francisco, here for a little while trying to get a few things together and plan for a new project and venture for the summertime, There are a few projects I've done with the Tibetan Association of Vermont...............................AntiArtCo  ArtistSa on


Movie ideas that are sarcastic and humorous for people that have a sense of humor and that are not too uptight to laugh about how the structures of society are close in resemblance to Colon Powel.

One day if these short film ideas could see airtime on a network for humor I would be quite happy too, as if the Elanors could see good in the days time.

 10 Short Film Ideas

A man goes to Berlin only to find-out he is truly German and has to live in America.

         A poodle named Chanel actually has feelings and shows them by crying at her birthday party.

            The school children finally lost a battle and all the parents must come-up with a solution to the chaos through the neighborhood.

             One man says to another the generations are evolving backward, this starts a great big dispute  that is drawn out in a long winded battle.

   Johnny plants an apple seed in the backyard and it does not grow, so his mother buys an apple tree and puts it in the yard while the little tike sleeps.

              A man is lying in his bed and hears a bird flying in the wall behind him, he then draws a birdcage with an open door, the bird flies out of the wall.

    A great man tries his damdest to keep people happy yet he cannot achieve it, he later realizes he is not the problem.

    The one day a musician is eating his cracker jacks and discovers a check for his music royalties, is this luck?

  A man goes on an interview for a new job, he is offered a 2nd, then third interview and is soon to be hired, on the way to the last interview he is enchanted by Jiffy Pop and eats some popcorn, he later is denied the position as lead protagonist at Academy of Arts.

     A well-known actor becomes very frustrated and angry when he finds out through an unknown source his wife has been a private dancer for an artist named ANTI in Montreal’s underground, the only thing he can do is make a film about the CIA.