Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Pink Lady .........Shortfilm Idea

1. A man wakes up late die to the fact his alarm clock is blinking because the power went out during the night, it is okay he not late for work, today he is going on a big trip to the country side He starts his day with a cup of coffee and some fresh fruit, when he is reading the news on his computer the phone rings, it is his neighbor Lenny. It seems Lenny cannot find his cat and asks if he can look in his back yard for Leone Lovebone the cat. Johnny looks and no Leone. He then discovers he cannot find the keys to his old Chevy pick-up truck, he also remembers that today he has a big trip to the country side to pick apples. He is quite startled and looks to the internet to come-up with solutions, he also remembers he has a government tight wade budget and will not be able to rent a car, he discovers on an underground website with ways to hot wire his truck, so he prints directions, then he gets suited up in his duds. Johnny is really weary about hot wiring his truck but knows he has no other way to solve the situation being that the only keys he has are lost and cannot be replaced.

2. Johnny Appleseed makes his way out side to his truck, along the way he is almost bitten by an unruly dog being walked by a guy in a hot pink suit, the guy laughs at him Johnny yells as loud as he can the man in the pink suit runs away as fast as he can to be run over by a pink Ireland cement truck. The neighborhood is full of loud sirens and authorities everywhere, we find out the man in the pink suit was a FBI agent that was harassing the innocent artists in the local community, the artist celebrated later that night. Johnny  then proceded  to pick up his wooden crates he will use to put his apples in, they are then placed in the back of his truck.  Johnny is really upset but it is not over yet, as he turns in the street a UPS driver that is not paying attention to the road almost runs him down. He finally gets the door open and sees the air pressure sticker in the door jam and thinks maybe I should check the air as his front tire looks quite low, he bends over and sees a piece of paper saying get paid for air and a number for a job. He pulls a cigarette lighter powered pump from behind his seat in the truck and places it by the low tire. Anyway he goes under the dash and rips out a few wires, cuts them with butcher knife that was handed down to him through generations of butchering, he then crosses wires like a church man and the truck just fires right up; then he pumps up his low tire. Johnny is so excited and smiles with no repent towards his morning’s bad situation, he puts his truck in gear and spins out of his parking space in a blaze of glory.

3. Johnny is on his way to the country side and fires up his radio to hear some great tunes from an underground artist ANTI that is being torchered and robbed relentlessly by the citizens and governmental structure, he really likes the sounds and decides to use his I-Phone to download the album. After this he begins to see amazing imagery along the road the trees become alive and monkeys are swinging along, there are even dinosaurs in the fields, as he passes an Apple billboard he notices that he is wasting much time into a project with the public and decides he will stop wasting his valuable time in this system. Johnny arrives at the orchard greeted by little children in bee suits, he knows he is on to something good, the children tell him life is short, to have fun, and not waste time into senseless reasoning; Johnny and the bees walk the orchard and pick pink lady apples, they later have fresh pie made with organic ingredients. At this point Johnny decides he is not going to make brandy with the apples, instead he will make jams, breads, cakes, and juices. As Johnny is on his way home from the orchard he hears a knocking sound and wonders where it is coming from as he looks in his rear view mirror he sees Leone Lovebone and immediately skids out as a clown appears on the double yellows, he swerves and Leone is all over the place hanging on for dear life like the dying man in the hospital. Johnny stops the truck the clown is screaming at him in Latin, he rescues Leone and hops in the truck and barrels the hell out of there. When he arrives home he takes Leone to Lenny, Lenny lets him know there was a murder suicide three houses away over a fork and a knife, no one knew what happened, a man lost it and got his gun out shot the lady for clowning him and turned the barrel on himself.  Later he investigates the ANTI issue to find-out the government is using off shore accounts and never paying the artist, instead using it for school programs and Unichef. Johnny decides to make a care package for ANTI with his apple creation and sends it the artist because he know the artist is near broke and is scrapping by.

The Hero.......the test.........

In the lesson there are a few acts with subcategories that are used to build the story or theme for the character or hero of the film. they are first to discover there powers or self, they then will be tested through endless infinite loopholes to see if they can with stand the situations. People will ask them for advice, they will be judges and live life under a microscope as society needs the urning to know how far they can be pushed, and the hero must never break so the are unbreakable like superman, but they will reach the point where they think and feel they cannot go any further, they will recall a moment in life and all the sudden recover and have stupendous strength, they will conquer because we all know they are unbeatable always teaching lessons, letting you know how it is done. Everyone will be happy the hero will return to there home and have the ending summed up. Typical cereal box program, good guy gets beaten down by the bad and has to win under less than favorable circumstances, along the way the true masters will test them and use every little thing as a battle to test the hero, even a cheerio will decide the outcome at this point. The hero must prevail and prove the system still has full control and he must bow to show the children that he is good, the society will have there glory and everyone will be happy. This series of actions will repeat in what a person calls "cycles" as in over and over, in the end who wins? The hero will withstand the test.