Monday, November 7, 2011


San Francisco

Benjamin & Baybridge SF, Ca.

Benjamin aka Anti, Uzi*Mac, SA
Pacific Ocean NorCal

This summer I took a trip over to San Francisco, Ca; a really nice place that I enjoy a bunch. Along the way I met some nice people, anyway to make a long story short there was quite a difficulty finding a place to live in the city, it was almost overwhelming, who would think in an area with a population nearing a million, a person would not be able to find housing, it really startles me. I still enjoyed my time there even though the trip was a complete failure. I would like to possibly return to CA again and live and work as an artist, spending time in San Diego for a few years I acquired a liking for the West, being that I am from the east, nearing Philadelphia.

The Ride of Anti
Nevada Desert

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